Oslo, Norway – A Chilly Start to Advent

Why Oslo?

Our trip to Oslo, Norway began one Sunday morning as I sat with a coffee doing one of my favorite things to relax – planning imaginary holidays.  Essentially it involved clicking and daydreaming a lot.

I’d recently discovered Skyscanner and consequently was checking out where I could get to for the least possible amount of money.  This particular Sunday morning – around five weeks before our departure I had spotted a particular cheap flight to Oslo, Norway.  It showed up at £64 for the four of us! WOW this is incredible! For a couple of days I literally couldn’t get it out of my head. We have to go at that price! Chris was eventually convinced – he had always fancied Norway – well anywhere in Scandanavia after watching Rick Stein’s Long weekends, We decided that it was absolutely right that we check Norway out.

****Note this was holiday 1 of 2 of the what we were our Skyscanner Scandanavia Jaunts – The second one was Aalborg, Denmark which you can check out here.*******

Lets get it booked!

Payday arrived – and i whipped out my phone….’yes!’ I’m ready! Several taps later the price had gone up a little to £72 and I had to pay for my seats etc it was at £99 for the four of us – No matter! Still unbelievably cheap! It was booked! We were going to Oslo! Except…..the children weren’t – in my eagerness to book it, the children had been missed off and it was just Chris and I who were going – on different aisles. The app had somehow cut the kids off as it transferred over to the Ryanair website. It was my fault completely for not being more careful and double checking.

Problem Solved – For a Price

After a few crossed words we sussed out what to do. Buy two more adult tickets and Ryanair will link the bookings. The flights were now tallying up to £171. My husband absolutely loved me for this super cheap holiday we were all going on. Oh and did I mention? We were flying from Stanstead airport on a Friday Night Yaaaaay! Its only a 3 1/2 – 4 hour drive from our house! No bother! Chris was delighted once again!

And We’re Off!

Finally the exciting day arrived we picked the kids up from school and shot down to Stanstead! We were all excited – I hadn’t paid for a bag putting in the hold, so we were all bulked up in thick jumpers and snowboots etc. Chris totally loved this going through a red hot airport customs and walking about a mile to the Ryanair bit of the airport. We were happy though – there was a bar – lets chill! We’re on holiday! and its Christmas soon!

After a pleasant short flight! (Now I conquered my fear of flying. Click here to see how I managed it) We were in Oslo and breezed through the customs as we had no bags and the lovely chap on passport control advised us that Santa was here already in Norway at Winterwonderland! Yaaaay!

We found our way to our cosy Chalet – which was lovely and warm and got bedded down for the night.

Day 1

Golly gosh it was proper proper cold.  As you know by now I’m not great at planning – so yes we had warm clothes and plenty layers on – tights & socks etc – but they weren’t proper snow clothes – which I do advise everyone purchasing before heading there in winter.  However, we would manage.  We were up and off and on our way – first stop the famous Vigeland Park.

The Vigeland Park is a sculpture park of Gustav Vigeland’s lifework, with more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and wrought iron.  And did i mention they are all absolutely butt naked.  It is crazy.

So you wonder round gazing at all this nakedness – how on earth did one guy manage to do all this?

The crowning glory has to be the enormous phallic monolith of nakedness.

Oslo Opera House

After a good peruse of all the nakedness We moved on to walk around to Oslo Opera House.

The opera house, which opened in 2008, is directly on the Fjord and the building of glass and the still Fjord reflects the sun everywhere. It was beautiful.

We then strolled down to the harbour of the Fjord for the sunset.  Equally beautiful.

Winter Wonderland!

Finally for the day we decided we needed to go see Santa and have some fun at Oslo’s famous Winter Wonderland.

Video Courtesy of twoplustwocrew please have a look at their other superb travel vlogs by clicking here

We Found Him!

We had a go on the big wheel and carousel and got some treats before deciding we really really needed to start heading back to the chalet and thaw out a bit.

Day 1 was great, a fun time was had by all and we got a true feel of Oslo – a really lively exciting city.  I cannot explain just how cold it was though it really got to us and by the time it gets dark you just want to go hibernate, so we retired to the chalet and watched some classic James Bond whilst planning what to do tomorrow.

A fab day 1 🙂

Blog of Day 2 of Norway trip coming soon…..Lillehammer!

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