A Motorhome & 2 Dogs.

2018 is now looking like lots of travels around the UK. You will get to see 2 more of the family who have not had many holidays with us before.

We have bought a motorhome, an RV, a camper or a zombieslaying wagon, dependent on who you ask in the family.

This gives us the freedom to fetch Chutney and Ella, our two fur babies.

Fur baby NO1 is Chutney. He has been with us since just before our first child. He is a real family dog. As a puppy he saw our children born and has been there since the start of our family.

He has always been known as the worst dog in the world. Anything naughty and he was there. He has eaten 5 sofas, 2 armchairs. He even chewed his his way through a concrete hearth to the floor below. He has scared postmen, delivery men, policemen and door canvassers. As a pup he had untold energy and ran away many times. We have found him in Supermarkets, shoe shops and once he made his way to a pet superstore.

He is older now though and nowadays he is content to just kick back and chill whilst watching the world go by.

No2 is Ella.

Ella was a rescue dog. Nobody wanted her and her time in he pound was coming to an end. We saw her face and ears on a local rescue  site and couldn’t bear to let the inevitable happen. So she became a part of the family as well. We had hoped she would calm Chutney down and in a way she has . He no longer barks at the window and passers by. That’s her job now and she has taken over the role with mucho gusto, much to our delight.

Our plans are to travel a lot of the UK on weekend breaks with the dogs but also take them as a part of our family holidays abroad. We never have been fully happy leaving them in boarding kennels.

The UK wont be much of a problem as it is very dog friendly everywhere. Europe may be a different matter.

Many parts of Europe have laws against Rottweilers, so ours may prove a bit of a challenge at times but worth it in the end I hope.

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