Switzerland – A Guide

We loved our trip to Switzerland. Driving from France along the A35 the Alps  began to appear in the distance and even at 30 miles away they looked impressive. We got giddy in the car at just the sight of them.

Why Switzerland? Its a country known for chocolate and clocks, banking and cheese as far as I was concerned but this was very short sighted as this beautiful country offered so much more. Everywhere we went people were friendly, courteous and only too happy to help a family from the North of England.

Hopefully this short guide will help you should you decide to visit, which I strongly recommend by the way.

Switzerland fast facts

The currency is  Swiss Franc and 1 CHF = 0.86 euro (29/01/2018)
There are 4 languages spoken French, German, Italian and Romansh. Most people speak English though to make life easier.
The capital city is Bern although Zurich is its largest city.
There are more banks than dentists.
Spaghetti is harvested here on the Spaghetti tree.
The Swiss eat more chocolate than any other nation in the world
Take a drink bottle with you. All towns have fountains filled with fresh clean alpine water. There is no need to buy bottled water here.
The World Wide Web was invented at Cerne, Switzerland by Tim Berners-Lee

Visiting Switzerland

Pack a variety of clothes and check ahead of where you are going. The climate varies tremendously across the country. To the South expect a Mediterranean climate In the Ticino region, whilst the coldest area is Jura. Down in the mountain valleys could be warm enough for shorts and t shirts whilst a little higher up you will be needing ski winter clothes. Good walking boots are essential but also pack a light pair of shoes for around town.

Travel is very good with the Swiss rail system.  If you are staying a few days or more it is worth buying the Swiss rail pass. Only available to non-Switzerland residents it gives unlimited rail travel around the country along with other perks such as free museum entry, discounted cable cars and mountain trains.  https://www.swiss-pass.ch/swiss-pass/ 

Things to Do in Switzerland



The city is in the North west of Switzerland and actually has boroughs in Switzerland, Germany and France.
It was the perfect stopping off point as we made our way down into The Alps. Read about our day out in Basel here.

If you have any tips for travel to Switzerland let us know in the comments below.

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