Essential items for travelling with dogs.

Doggy Essentials for travelling.

Taking dogs on holiday or away for weekends can be extremely rewarding. Our dogs love coming on days out with us and so we have amassed all sorts of toys and gadgets for our trips away.
I thought it might be useful to have a list of the products we would consider essential. I wont be including the 38 tennis balls we have used this year so far.

A water bowl.



On a long drive your dog will become very dehydrated through panting. We found these bowls a couple of years ago and always have one in the back. They really do work and stop the water spilling over the sides.




A dog harness.



Mandatory in many countries and quite frankly should be everywhere. These will keep your dog securely fastened and everybody safe.





A dog muzzle.


Our dogs are Rottweilers and in many countries considered dangerous. Pfft if only they knew. However, as such, they must be muzzled at all times.
There are lots available although we preferred the soft muzzled ones.




Travel sickness.


There is nothing that will make your day better than the sound of a retching dog in the back. You can only imagine how well your little ball of fluff has managed to get it into every crevice. We had the problem with a 10 stone Rottweiler!!!! These tablets genuinely do help and we have had no problems since.





Seat covers.



If you choose not to use travel sickness tablets then you must be a- mad and b- looking to buy covers for your seats. They fasten around the headrests and are padded too. Completely washable they will protect your car’s interior.




GPS Tracker.



OK, I don’t have one of these but as a lover of gadgets I am defo wanting one. I always have a fear of the dog running off out of the door whilst away and so this would help get him back. The XL size can stay charged up to 6 weeks, if your dog is big enough. Whilst the smaller one needs charging more often. You could attach it to a special travel collar for weekends away as it will last up to 5 days though.
Should your dog run away you can then track him on your phone app.

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