Road-trip around Scotland – Part 1.

Motorhoming around Scotland.

It was time for our first motorhome journey.

Having decided we would stick to the UK while we got used to the motor home, we set the satnav to Scotland. Amazingly after living in the UK all my life I had never been to Scotland other than a quick trip to Glasgow and back. We packed up the van with everything we could think of for a home from home and set off late afternoon. Our first stop was in Northumbria near Kelder water. A national park with dark skies meant the sky at night would be amazing with a milky way smeared across the sky and the slight possibility of Northern Lights.

We pulled over in a lay-bye on the A68 just around Darques,  jumped out to see the wonder of the Universe.

It was cloudy so we decided to watch a film and get to sleep.

After a strange night convinced a serial killer would get us all in our sleep, we awoke on the bleak moors. The views were fantastic although grey and cold. It was February in the North after all.


We headed off towards Edinburgh and before long reached the Scottish Border where I gave them my very own personal salute.

Along the way we passed through Jedburgh. A Lovely little town with a great castle and abbey.

An hour or so later we arrived at Queensferry, home of the forth bridge. The bridge is iconic to Scotland and now a Unesco world heritage site. Built in the 1880’s it was the largest cantilever span in the world. It still carries upto 200 trains a day and features in many of Scotlands celebrations.

We had a small walk into the village where there was a fantastic little ice cream and sweet parlor named “Once upon a Time”, where everything is edible including the staff although that would be cannibalism.

After a couple of hours in Queensferry we continued on the road. Having taken 7 hours driving to reach Scotlands East coast, Frances decided it would be lovely to visit Scotland’s West Coast!! So off we went with our next stop being Stirling. Loads of history in Stirling mainly about the English – Scots wars. I would go into details but the main jist of it was Mel Gibson painted himself blue.

There is another cracking castle here which is completely steeped in history.

The war memorial at Stirling Castle.


It was 4.30pm, the light was falling and I wanted to reach Loch Lomond before nightfall. Googles maps said 39 miles and 59 minutes drive. Of course being a real man I don’t use sat-navs. We arrived at Loch Lomond nearly 6 hours later at just after 10pm…….

The night sky up here was much clearer than the night before. The stars were stunning and coming from a heavily populated part of the world it amazes us as to how many stars are out there.

When morning came we were treated to stunning views. We had parked in the dark and so hadn’t realised how beautiful the world outside looked in our own personal campsite.

There are lay-byes all around the loch where you can wild camp through winter months but come spring time, they become restricted so be aware.

As beautiful as Lock Lomond was we needed to move. This was a whistlestop tour of Scotland and there plenty more miles to go yet.

Oban on the west coast was our next destination. It has often been said that the journey is part of the destination and never has that been truer than driving the roads of the western Scotland. Every turn of the road delivered another stunning loch or snow capped mountain.

We arrived in Oban late in the afternoon and had no trouble parking the moho on the seafront. We parked at the end of the seafront near Dunollie Castle.

The beaches were pebbly but clean and the weather wasn’t too bad either.  As we arrived the ferry was just leaving which was quite impressive to watch.

A walk further up the beach took us past the old lighthouse.

and on toward Dunollie Castle ancestral home of the Clan MacDougall. Atlthough the castle was closed at this time of the year it was a great walk along the beach and into the woods.

Too soon later it was time to move on. Next destination was Loch Ness, home of the famous Nessie and perhaps Scotlands most famous of Lochs.

Read Part 2 of our Scottish Road Trip so see how we got on there.


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