The Cure for Travel Sickness

It was on the 29th of December 2015 as I crossed a choppy English Channel to France that I remembered I suffered from Sea Sickness.  I was absolutely green no exaggeration.

The boat was stuffy with no fresh air – primarily because i had to be right in the middle of it next to the kids in the play area as my understanding husband left me in my hour of need and went for a Full English. Great.

When he did pop back to give me a “there there” or “grow up” I managed to get some “Fresh” air from the external smoking area of the boat.  Honestly. I was not in a good way.  Neither were many other passengers judging by the random piles sawdust dotted here and there on the floor.

But. We eventually arrived in France – drove round for a week and this was the beginning of our love for Road Trips. I think we managed five countries in a week.  England, France, Belgium, Netherlands & Germany.  It was a proper hoot! We would definitely be doing it again.

And the time came for our next one.  The very last week of Summer 2016 we had spur of the moment decided we were off.  Every single travel agent had zero flight packages to get us one last bit of sunshine before the kids returned to school.  So that was it.  Booked the ferry – pack – lets go…

Ohhhh – I remembered – the sickness.  Quickly I ran to my car and shot down to Superdrug.

And there I got my cure.  Kwells.

You take one half an hour before you are going to travel, weather it be car, boat or train – or I imagine these would actually work for rollercoasters or fairground rides too – and you are right as a bobbin!

The only side effect I get is my eyes get a bit heavy but nothing at all unmanageable.  They are also available for kids.

So now, I sit, with a pint, ignoring, i mean watching the kids and waving goodbye to the White Cliffs of Dover and Bonjour to The Port of Calais in a relaxed – sick free – state ready to enjoy my Vaycay!

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  1. I took Kwells as a child They were the only thing that stopped me being sick after being in the car for 10minutes!

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