A Wonderfully Welsh Weekend!

Our Weekend Snippet of the Llŷn Peninsula

I am gradually getting more organised now and have the “shooting off in the Motorhome” thing to a tee.  Unless you fancy wearing shoes at some point in the weekend – then it may be problematic, this was not an entirely perfect disembarkation.  But hey ho! Flip flops for the weekend NO PROBLEM! Its Sunny! (Until Sunday).

Friday at exactly three o clock…ish we were loaded up and ready to go! This was going to be a cracker! And to top it all the never ending winter had finally ended! WHOOP! We cracked on down that there motorway in great spirits!

We had two missions this weekend one was to eye up Wales’s best beaches and the other was to call in at the Mother in Laws for a Birthday Lunch.  I won’t go in to details about the latter – but it was a thoroughly cracking roast pork dinner with superb roast parsnips!

After a long hard drive through rush hour Manchester & Warrington – arrived in North Wales at the break of dusk and raced down to the Llŷn Peninsula where we knew – or Chris did – that there were some cracking beaches.

Now one of my most favorite thing in the world to photograph is Sunsets – who doesn’t love em! And the west coast of the UK is where you get them! Proper perfect ones for me must sink into the sea.  It just looks ace.  So we found a pitch on the beach of Dinas Dinelle in Caernarfon literally as the sun began to sink.  The sky was lit up and all six of us dived out of the Motorhome onto a beautiful beach and went and had a magical paddle in the Irish Sea.

As the sun disappeared and the sky darkened we all piled back into the van for a quick bite to eat and head down. I woke a few times listening the the tide coming in.  It always wakes me up because I aren’t used to it.  ***Note to self – win lotto and get used to this sound***

I awoke on Saturday to a glorious day and wondered up and down the beach with my dog rolling up me jamas – still in me flip flops – my sole pair of shoes (Sole. Get it?) – and started noticing plane after plane coming – just diddy little ones – but cool nevertheless straight over me head at about 500 feet.

I quickly realised – oooooooooo we’ve only gone and parked next to an airport! And at this particular airport is only the HM Coastguard! As you know from earlier blogs I am such a geek and this excites me – and I was lucky enough to get two thunderingly loud flyovers! Thank you very much!

Got the kids dressed – Teddy had just been given a wetsuit and this was his attire for the day – Eva had denim shorts!? (Planning and packing not my strongest of skills) – and we headed onto a beach – the kids played really well in a gentle sea and I messed about with my zoom lens taking photos of aircrafts – Chris hid in the van from us all cooking himself a full English and watching Columbo.  This was ace!

But alas – the tide was coming in – fast – we could still have sat there on the banking everyone was happy but we decided to move further down the peninsula to Trefor.

Trefor was great – a pebbly beach with its own little harbour.  Chris loved it wondering and watching the fisherman bring in bag fulls of fresh scallops.  The kids were back in the sea up to their waist this time.  All was good.  So we moved on! As you would!

Next was a beautiful little cove called Porth Colmon – the roads down to this place were barely roads – but we persevered! It was a beautiful drive.  I decided to cook the kids dinner here as Chris had wondered off to try and catch a fish.  I don’t think he actually puts a hook in the water, I am sure it is just a front to get away from me and the kids….hmmmm….I served the kids tea with an improvised rock table….

fed the dogs…tied them up to a bench…

got myself a beer out and sat down….spotted a seal – got me zoom lens out trying to photo it….life was good!

So obviously we moved on! *****ROLLS EYES*****

The final stop of our little taste of the Llŷn Peninsula was the glorious Porthor beach.  I will tell you now you will not find a finer beach than this.  This competes with Barbados (never been but I’ve seen the photos).

Its called the “Whistling Sand Beach” and the sand has this magical property that squeaks when you walk across it. Cool.

We had a couple of hours here exploring – once again the kids absolutely loved it.  There were colourful rocks of quartz to explore and climb with crystal clear rock pools amongst them.  Very nice indeed.  Dogs are banned from this beach from 1st May – so we’d just snook them on in time – and they loved it too…

But, you guessed it….time to move….unfortunately it was near sunset and we needed a pitch nearer to Llandudno for the next day so we moved on.

100% bet your bottom dollar I will be back on this peninsula.  It is a magnificent unspoiled part of the world.  I thoroughly hope it maintains this status so I can – one day – return and open that beer I got out whilst watching the seal with me zoom lens and sit on that bench my bottom barely touched and reeeeeeeeeeelax! x


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