The Greatest Snorkel Ever Invented

Besides flying – I used to be incredibly afraid of the sea.I loathe things touching me and touching my feet it always gives me the heebie jeebies – so I just stay red hot, envious, on the sand.  I managed to cope when I was jumping in deep sea for a swim as long as I didn’t look down or think about what was below me – and when I did I quickly swam back aboard the boat  – but that was about it. Heaven forbid putting on a snorkel and actually seeing what was down there. Then came my fourth visit to my favorite coastline ever – the Costa del Sol! For four years I had yearned to get in that beautiful sea and swim about for miles like all the fearless locals did, but my fear just wouldn’t let me.

My husband went and purchased himself a snorkel – just a cheapo one for something to do while we played around on the beach.

We had read a sign that there was stunning aquatic life in the Med – Who knew? So he went for a look.  He came back to me – once again sat boiling on the sand – and told me tales of something I would only believe could be on BBC1’s Blue Planet!

Do I dare stick this snorkel on and have a look for myself? What else could be under the water? A conga eel? I dunno….I’ve come across many a jellyfish now – yes they scare me a little – but they are also really cool to look at.  I stuck me head under and tried to have a little look.

That was it! Totally loved it!

Chris said I was as graceful as a walrus – but who cares! It was fun!

HOWEVER – I came out of the water with the worst jaw ache ever – holding the snorkel and being nervous at the same time made me really clench onto the mouth piece – It was really uncomfortable.

Chris had, earlier in the holiday, been to his favorite shop, Marathon – which stocks a variety of sports goods from footballs to massive boats – he spends ages there looking at stuff – and he suggested we go have a look at different snorkels.

We went along and spotted this one….

I wont lie at all, I chuckled.  I would look insane on the beach with it on.  I believe the word gimp was used.

But we bought it.  Couldn’t wait for a bash with it.

Got on the beach – it fits round the head really snug with strong elasticated bands around the back of your head.  Its strange at first putting your whole face into something – but you soon get used to it.  I dived – well bounced – into the Med to give it a whirl.

The first thing I noticed was the ease of breathing.  Just breathe totally normally – it takes the panic away from snorkling.  You can also speak! So my kids could hear me talking to them as they sat on my back as I gracefully floated around the ocean.  It was great!

But the Stoners aren’t the Stoners without a gadget to add to it – so we purchased a little underwater camera that you can click onto the snorkel – very easily.  (See next product review.)

We were away – this was great! Hours and hours of fun on the beach filming fish and kids legs are they paddled around you.

I fully recommend you get yourself one if you are planning a beach holiday.  They do kids sizes too and its a perfect way to spend a day with your family! 🙂

Buy your adult and kids masks here

Have a fantastic time!

Fran x

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