Lillehammer, Norway – 1994 Winter Olympics Venue

Road Trip!

We can’t go anywhere without a decent road-trip and on Day 2 of our Nordic adventure (Day 1 here) we decided to have a snoop around Lillehammer, it had always been on Chris’s bucket list since he was a kid watching the 1994 Olympics – so we decided to go have a good look round.  Plus road trips are so cool for seeing stuff on the way.

Fjords Everywhere

As you travel through Norway the scenery is so beautiful, from the icicle lined road sides, to the snow glittered christmas trees, to fairytale churches, to the wonderfully still reflective fjords.  There is literally not a bad view anywhere its so pretty.



Lillehammer Town Centre

A really smart town centre with a huge variety of unique shops and as we were there at Christmas they had decked the halls!  Still keep your snow boots on though – the ground is solid ice!

The Hvelvet Restaurant

Not many restaurants have an exterior like this! And I can assure you the food lives up to its surroundings.  It has a certificate of excellence on Tripadvisor.


It was now getting dark – well it was about 3 o clockish so we rapidly had to decide what to do.  We found the local tourist information office and saw the poster that there was a Winter Sports World Cup currently on and this evening is the Ladies Ski Jumping! We just had to go! How could we not got to a world cup in Lillehammer!

After an amount of googling we found the directions to Lysgårdsbakken (officially known as Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Arena) and made our way up to the Arena – we didn’t know how much it was or any details – completely at a loss.  But by eck what a view when you get there!

I had to take a photo of this Norwegian Superfan waving his flag! He got us in the mood for some sporty fun!

We Found The Olympic Torch – Well you couldn’t miss it, it was flipping massive!

The kids ate an icicle – as you do….

Then we huddled up with about 8 different nationalities around a fire pit drinking coffee and cheering! As there were no Brits jumping I had to cheer for the locals didn’t I!?! Go on Norway!

It was a fantastic fun atmosphere with loud music and tonnes of cheering.  People were sledging around the viewing area and generally just messing in the snow! Teddy spent ages rolling up and down the snowy hills!

But alas it was time to head back to Oslo and get our heads down before heading home.


Summary of Norway

We completely fell in love with Norway through our little taste of it and we all agreed it is definitely a place where we want to see more of.  Now we have the motorhome we are thinking of driving there because I’ve been informed it is a very motorhome friendly country – and the whole place must be absolutely stunning in summer.  We will 100% be returning.  Thank you for having us Norway! You’ve been ACE! 🙂


p.s. I had to share this flight – honestly the most wonderful flight i’ve ever been on – we chased the sunset back to England it was incredible.  Please do try book your flights for sunset time and you will see what I mean.

Fran xxxxx





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