Make Your Own Blue Planet Videos!

An Affordable Underwater Camera


Tying seamlessly into my snorkel review found here, here are the details of this brilliant little bit of kit I fixed to the top of my snorkel.  You can do about a million other things with it though and I thoroughly recommend that you get one for your family holiday – even just to lark around in the pool like we did.

Waterproof up to 30 Metres!

The waterproof case enables you to dive up to 30 metres, capture all your details of adventures, interesting selfies and amazing videos.

Perfect for Other Sports Too!

This camera is ideal for outdoor activities such as diving, surfing, swimming, skiing, skating, water sport etc.

Fixes Easily to Snorkels

The camera comes with all the fixtures and fittings to clip it on and off with ease to the recommended snorkel – dead easy.

Get in the Sea and capture the Fish!

Create awesome pics and show other people what you have seen under the waves!

Or Make Your Own Memorable Videos

Here’s my bash at under the sea action.  I did have a slight bit of steam on the lens hence the blurring – but this is easy fixed and you will now know to check before you dive in that you aren’t steamed up.

Share Your Photos and Videos With Us!

We are really excited to see what results you get so please Tweet to us or Facebook us and we will share them on our page!

Buy Your Own Camera Here

Available through Amazon you can get exactly the same camera for a much more reasonable price than we paid.  Takes up no room in the case and its so much fun to mess around with.



Have a great time!

Fran xxxxxxxxx

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