Easter Weekend in Scotland

Hurray! Its Easter! Lets get to Scotland!

Whoooooooop yes its Easter! Meaning, We have four entire days to travel and mooch about! So we have decided this is ample time to get back to Scotland and continue our exploration of this beautiful country.

Our last trip to Scotland was in February and although very enjoyable – I had massive lung problems which ruined it completely – and being in proper cold temperatures resulted in me being admitted to hospital upon my return.

However! I’m right as a bobbin now thankfully – and we know how to work our motorhome – it has 4 USB ports now and we know how to tune the TV!

Hashtag WINNING!

Lets Go…In a bit…

I’ve got to admit this was our slowest disembarkation yet…we set off from our house at 7:30pm after originally planning to go at 3:30pm – Chris didn’t get home from work until 6ish and I was completely unorganised.  So we dressed the kids in their PJ’s because they were inevitably going to fall asleep pretty soon after setting off –  but eventually we were off – in the dark! Doesn’t matter! The fun is in the travelling when you are motorhoming – this helped by an absolutely brilliant CD Chris got us from the garage – containing such gems such as “Fat Les’s Vindaloo!”

First Stop…Auldgirth!? Thursday Night

After driving for five hours I demanded Chris stop cause I was ready to kick back and chill out a bit – he couldn’t tell me where he was heading – he just kept going like a demented trucker determined to just keep driving (but where to, he never said). He threw a phone at me and I picked a spot from Googlemaps near some water cause its nice to wake up with a view.

I had picked the village of Auldgirth – well the outskirts of it and We awoke to the picturesque….farmers field….haaaaa! But this place looked awesome from above and I knew there was things to be seen, so I left Chris with the kids and took the dogs out to explore.  It was nice, plenty birds of prey to spot, woodland to walk through, and this super cool bridge.  I liked it….however Chris was ready to go.

Lets go! Again! Good Friday

After a cracking breakfast while googling where to go what to do, Chris aka head googler had found a place called Girvan so we headed there.

The drive was country roads the whole way then as you come over the brow of a hill you spot the magical Ailsa Craig – and that is it – the entire time you are there you gaze at this wonderous rock in the ocean.

Ailsa Craig, Girvan

Ailsa Craig is a mysterious un-habited island, which was a volcanic plug.

Its land consists of blue hone granite which has been quarried to make curling stones in the past however today it is a bird sanctuary, home to gannets and an increasing number of puffins.


Known locally as Paddy’s Milestone this rock leaves you in awe at just how cool it looks – and as it is on the West Coast of Scotland – gives you spectacular sunset shots! We decided our second night is going to be here!

Girvan is incredibly welcoming of Motorhomes, as is most of Scotland, and there are plenty of spaces in and around the seafront in close proximity to plenty food places and pubs – also Girvan had a brilliant children’s area – so we were all really really happy here.

It soon became dusky – and Chris and Eva went to grab us all fish and chips from town, I watched the sunset with my dogs (with a wine and the Happy Mondays on) and Teddy bless him was fast akip and missed the whole lot of the action.

What I ended up with was absolute heaven.  The seagulls were insane and diving about allover the place in front of this magical rock and the sun – and for once I had total peace to take it in.  A great memory.  And I got some of my favorite shots ever.

I can’t pick which one I like best! The seagull on the pole watched me the entire sunset so I’ve had to acknowledge his input.

Fish And Chips

Sun down, Chris and Eva turned back up with fish and chips, Chris proclaiming they had deep fried pizza in the shop, I felt a little robbed at eating poxy fish when I could have been scoffing battered pizza! Mmmmmm! But it was absolutely delicious and a perfect end to a great day.  Teddy eventually nodded off again after some convincing.

Good Morning Saturday

After a good hearty breakfast containing waaaaaaaaaaay too many calories but setting us up for the day we were ready to move onto the next spot.

Fried Bread & A Bacon Butty – Absolute Filth


Saturday ended up being a really crazy day of trying to spot and check out anything and everything and I think we fitted in at least three lighthouses with several tea stops along the way.

My favorite was Corsewall Lighthouse – a proper photogenic lighthouse – with an added danger of being got by big waves when ships passed! Exciting!

Portpatrick Baby!

Now I honestly cannot tell you how we got there, but we did.

We just started needing walks and air so headed for the nearest bit of sea – by the time we arrived we were all a bit tired and crazy!

We all, six of us, got out and decided to have a wonder.  What we found was totally out of this world.

Pirates! Ghosts! Hauntings?

Bearly steps from where we parked were a load of steps with a sign saying Dunskey Castle….A Castle You Say!? Dunskey You Say?

Up We Went!

And We Found it!

Dunskey Castle

Well….i can’t describe this journey any better than Phil Heslops Video….

Needless to say….we flipping well loved it!

I have to say mention Chris nearly having a heart attack as he entered a haunted room, and five pigeons flew at his face.  Ha!

We Were Hungry!

After all that walking and fresh air, we headed into the tiny picturesque town of Portpatrick.

We had decided earlier we needed fish or seafood for dinner and stopped at The Crown Hotel, which was absolutely bustling, a really lively welcoming pub/restaurant.  Needless to say we full on stuffed ourselves with local seafood.

Chris gave me his delicious Crab Claws from his Hot Seafood Platter.  I gave him nothing from my Sweet Pickled Herring & Prawn & West Coast Scallops wrapped in smoked bacon (I’m so mean! Well my stomach is!).  The kids had simple kids meals and made friends while we all finished off our dinners and we made our way back to the motorhome full to the brim and ever so content!*

*I was too full to finish my wine and the family were walking back to the motorhome, upon which several characters around the bar, egged me on to down it….it was funny….I did and by golly gosh I slept!

Easter Sunday!

Well would you believe the sun was out this morning! And because we liked Portpatrick so much we decided to spend as much time here as possible before we started to descend the British Isles once again.

We had some stunning walks, watched the lifeboat go to a ceremony & find another fantastic playground. Dogs/Kids/Parents Happy!

My crazy girls Eva & Ella were practically submerged in water and happiness in the beautifully clear Scottish waters.

Alas, We Must Head South Once More!

Easter Weekend 2018 unfortunately brought with it a hell of a lot of snow.

We stopped for dinner in a beautiful spot then started moving.

The so called Beast From the East snowstorm was due to catch up with us and I felt we needed to give ourselves as much time as possible to head home.

But we couldn’t do it all at once, so we arrived in the town of Maryport in the dark and got bedded down for the night.  By eck it was cold.

Absolutely Baltic!

Easter Monday Morning, I, as the dooer of all things in the family and General Dogsbody, was the one allocated to walk the dogs on the final morning of our long weekend.  The tide was out in Maryport and I was met with face whipping rain, baltic temperatures and a uninspiring landscape.

I’m totally ready for home now.  And central heating.

Note: I am not in anyway besmirching Maryport – merely the English weather.  This place is great and I would like to see it with the sun out.

We Hit The Beast!

What a truly crazy journey home.  The snow storms descended upon us and that was it, everywhere was covered in white.  A hilarious moment (for me) on the way back when the windscreen wipers jammed so poor Chris had to go out in the snowstorm to fix them.

There was a little cursing I wont lie. I’m mean, once again I couldn’t stop chuckling at the situation.

And We’re Home!

Eventually made it home, thankfully in one piece.

An absolute whirlwind weekend, seen so much, fitted so much in!

Absolutely Exhausted, freezing – but soooooo enjoyed it! We completely love Scotland!

Fran x





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