The Magical Fairy Pools on The Isle of Skye

A Long Walk!

We pulled the motorhome next to The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye.

I had never even heard of it but Chris had seen something online that it was a must see.

We couldn’t actually see anything from the road except a really long winding path….and we parked about a quarter of a mile from the path as it was the school holidays and really lovely and sunny so was busy.

I looked over to Chris and I could tell his face meant he couldn’t be bothered.  Well I put my foot down with a firm hand.

“COME ON! We are going for long walk! We can do it!” I stuffed a bag full of water bottles and snacks to bribe the kids with.  Chris and I grabbed a dog each – and off we went.

Keep Walking!

The initial downward slope was the trickiest for the kids – its quite rocky so you do tend to slip around a bit.  I advised them to walk on the grass and they could have a bit of chocolate at the bottom.

The first bit you get to are some mini waterfalls.  Ella the dog jumped straight in – I could tell this was going to be one of her most favorite days ever as she is OBSESSED with water.  Teddy unfortunatly slipped in and got his trainers wet.  He cried.  I got more chocolate out….and we carried on!

Stepping Stones!

The kids started to have fun at this point.  There are loads of stepping stones at The Fairy Pools and kids totally love trying to get across.  It’s a brilliant natural adventure playground.

Huge Stones!

And you totally must trust your kids to keep still on top of this massive rock whilst you snap a photo!

Keep Walking

Then we spotted them – people swimming all over the place and then I saw a woman on top of a rock jump in around 15 feet.  I was petrified!!! The kids wanted to jump in immediately.  Because I’m an amazingly unorganised mother I didn’t think to bring towels or swimming costumes – that would be far too sensible – so I just stripped em off into their shorts and they jumped in.

As I said Ella loves swimming and putting her head in – she had a whale of a time.

We let the kids and dogs play for the afternoon in the crystal clear waters while we chilled out.

They totally loved it!

And I think you would too!

Get yersens to the Isle of Skye and jump in the lagoons of the Fairy Pools! Just don’t forget your towel and cozzie!

Heres a little Vlog!

I need a microphone next time I think – wind crept in and spoiled my presenting!

Fran xxxxxxxx





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