Father & Son Fishing Success in Whitby

The Fishing Drought is Finally Over

If you have been following us since January you will have noticed we (Chris & Teddy) have an obsession with Fishing.

See here & here….

Unfortunately it is largely fruitless and disappointing – and sometimes expensive with Chris stopping off to revise his kit in countless local fishing shops and talk to local experts such as those in Holyhead & Oban.

So what was different this weekend?

Well, firstly – it was lovely and warm, so the kids were prepared to stay out a little longer.  Secondly, the tide was just coming in.  And Thirdly, we had picked a superb spot to fish from.

Whitby Pier

Whitby Pier is always lined with people fishing.

We have been before and were successful in catching something – just nothing to stick on the BBQ.  Our only catch had been a cute sand eel which we put back.

Still a proud moment for my boy.

All the other fishers seemed to catch yummy Mackerel, but alas we were not that lucky on our first visit.

This visit though….there were around 10 – 15 with lines off the pier and dusk was arriving, the Mackerel were leaping out of the water desperate to be caught!

I had to leave the boys and Eva to take the dogs back to the caravan, but when I returned…

A Bag Full of Fish!

Teddy couldn’t wait to tell me how many they had caught…three massive Mackerel awaited me when I peeked into the bag.

I got Teddy to show me how he had done it…he had said to Chris while I was away that Mummy would be so proud.  Well I was!

Many times I had got excited about fresh fish for dinner….sometimes salivating at the thought of BBQ fish only ever to be disappointed…but now. YES!

Chris said he has a knack for doing it, somehow his method got one every time he dipped the rod in!

All in all we took home Seven huge Mackerel and as we left Whitby Pier we were watching tonnes of them jumping out of the water.  Chris and Teddy had a great time….and now it was time to scoff em!

Fish For Tea

Oh yes….unfortunately you have to gut fish you catch, but after the seventh i was a dab hand at it.

Literally just a large slice and grab everything and tug.

Was really easy.

I roasted three & Chris pan fried three – after filleting them – with one more going into the freezer (Teddy wanted to save it forever, he loved the colours of it).

The filleted/fried Mackerel probably was a little nicer and it had been seasoned more, but the baked Mackerel didn’t waste any meat, so I would say its my preferred method of cooking.

There’s a nice recipe here if you want to try yourself.

Well Teddy absolutely devoured it – and this is where I’m proud.  He had caught his own dinner, seen it prepared and eaten it.

Its a good lesson in life I believe not to take animals for granted.  If you are going to eat fish and meat respect that a life has been lost to feed you so appreciate it.

Eva also made me proud not liking any of the processes involved and therefore not eating any of it.  It is also a good attitude to stick to your guns and if you are uncomfortable with animal death – don’t eat it.

Deep eh….

Father and Son

To go back to my original blog piece before the deepness.  I believe fishing is a fantastic hobby for parents and children to share and enjoy.

  • It gets you out in the fresh air.
  • You need to figure out problems together to solve.
  • It creates a buzz when you catch one and have to work together to get it out of the water.
  • It gives life lessons on the food chain.
  • But most of all – its really good fun and kids love it!

Give it a bash one weekend and see if you are any good…and fingers crossed you have much better luck than we’ve had fishing!

Enjoy x


P.S – I’m adding a link below to hooks and rods we use.  Totally recommend this kit for beginners.  Enjoy x

Fran xxxx



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  1. Fran, this is fabulous blog, peffect way to raise your kids and days like these provide fabulous memories not forgetting the bonding and life skills, so proud of you, great mum, great parentsxxx

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