Flamborough – Lighthouses, Seals & Elephants

The Lighthouse

This weekend just gone was spent at a fairly nearby location that being Flamborough on the East Coast of Yorkshire.

I’ve never really spent much time here, but many friends in West Yorkshire absolutely love it – so we went to check it out.

We arrived in the pitch black with the only light coming from the lighthouse.

So naturally I took a stroll into the deep dark nowhereness to take a pic of it.  This was terrifying as I could see absolutely nothing except the beams the lighthouse shone out.  As I walked it kept flashing on the white cliffs – it was eerie….but dead dead cool!

***Now, I can take much better photos of lighthouses in the dark see here.  But it was upon taking these photos we realised the tripod has been pinched from the motorhome – DOH!  So the clarity isn’t great – but I’ll go back and get more when I get a new tripod.  So these are taken with my shaky scared hands***

and here it is in the daytime.  Much less spooky and rather beautiful!

The current lighthouse was built in 1806 and acts as a waypoint for deep sea vessels and coastal traffic as well as marking the Flamborough Headland for vessels heading for the ports of Scarborough and Bridlington.

The original lighthouse was first built on the Flamborough Headland in 1669 but was never lit.  It is one of the oldest surviving complete lighthouses in England.  Which you can here see in the background to the left.


I have 100% record of seal spotting in Flamborough having been once previously in winter and spotting one seal, so I was keen to keep up this record.

I took the dogs for their morning walk along the cliffs now bathing in glorious sunshine and gazed down to the bay which had looked so scary the night before.

The water was beautiful and clear and very still.  Looked absolutely magnificent.

Gazing down I couldn’t figure out what I was actually looking at.  It was a black ball shape, but it kept going under water and white.  Well that sounds quite simple now I’ve put this paragraph under the seal heading, but what was the white bit? I asked a couple who had just come up from the beach what they could see.  It was two seals playing with a huge fish! (In hindsight the fish probably didn’t have the greatest of fun in this game).

I dashed to the motorhome to get the zoom lens….

The seagulls were literally saying “mine mine” they were that desperate to get their beaks on some seal scraps.

it was the cutest thing EVER! There were actually three seals in the bay at the time.

At one point a seal looked as if it was going to go on the beach, but turned round after peeking at everyone and the oblivious Dalmation.

If  you want to spot seals – get to Flamborough – they are not shy one bit!

The Flamborough Elephants

Elephants you say? In East Yorkshire? Well most people in Yorkshire will know what I mean straight away.  The white cliffs of Flamborugh resemble the shapes of several elephants in the way that they have eroded.

You are best viewing these from a boat – as seen here – but you can get a pretty good view of them from the cliffs.

Can you make out the figures???  Kids really enjoy this…or are they just humouring their mad parents? Who knows.

Cliff Walking

There are some beautiful walks all around these cliffs.

There are some paths which lead down to the beaches.  We all really enjoyed checking out the views and crystal clear water.

And thats what we got up to in Flamborugh before we headed to Whitby to go fishing.

I will defo go back to Flamborough with the kids and I totally get why all my mates in West Yorkshire love it.

Its got great facilities, plenty of pubs and restaurants, two lighthouses, several white elephants – and the friendliest seals you will ever with to meet!

Go See for Yourselves!

Fran xxxx







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